About Webinar Hosting

Webinar Hosting is a blog-style website designed to help individuals and organizations with the process of hosting webinars. This includes learning about webinar service providers, webinar hosting features and benefits as well as giving prospective webinar hosts a resource to draw from for their webinar configuration, training, preparation, tracking, marketing and promotions.

Webinar Hosting came as a result of the owner, Steve Miller, participating in and hosting multiple webinars and learning about and observing many different hosting services and platforms.  It became apparent that not all hosting services are created the same and

Steve Miller
Steve and Lorna Miller

many terrific hosting companies and services were simply not being found due to the fact that a couple of very large companies smother the webinar market and search engine results.  In addition, part of Steve’s interest in promoting some of the lesser-known webinar hosting companies platforms was the result of broken functionality of a leading webinar hosting company.  That functionality was, and still is, a calendar reminder link that does not work with consistency.  When people click a link to set a reminder on their calendar, it has to work every single time with 100% accuracy.  Any hosting services that I recommend have worked every single time for me.

In addition many of the lesser-known webinar hosting companies provide some amazing features and benefits that the larger companies do not offer or offer them at a premium or higher price or may only offer them as an upgrade or an add-on.  Steve is interested in helping you not only find a webinar hosting provider that meets your needs and objectives, but also a company that provides tremendous value.

Webinar Hosting is also designed to provide potential webinar hosts a place to easily locate relevant information about hosting companies, hosting software and other helpful webinar hosting services and webinar marketing solutions.

Hosting a webinar can sometimes feel overwhelming, intimidating and often a bit unnerving.  In addition, public speaking is one of the most terrifying fears that people face and in many surveys and polls it is even ranked more fearful than death.  Webinar Hosting would like to help to simplify the process and provide resources to help simplify and ease the process as well as provide tips, tricks, training and information that will help readers achieve their reasons, goals and objectives for hosting webinars and do it with less fear.

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Steve Miller


P.S. Webinar Hosting is new as of May 2020.  Please be patient as we develop the content designed to help the webinar hosting community.

P.P. S.S.

Steve has also created a NEW private Facebook group for webinar hosts.  The intent is create a place for hosts as well as individuals in the industry to gather and discuss and share information about hosting and the industry.

If you are interested in joining, begin by clicking HERE.