Webinar Ninja

Webinar Ninja is a terrific browser based webinar hosting platform that has many features for a really terrific price.

The WebinarNinja Team Provides Excellent Support

The Webinar Ninja team also have a terrific support team that are responsive to the needs of their clients.

Omar Zenhom is the founder, President and CEO and before launching Webinar Ninja, he was a teacher. His teaching skills and presentation skills are excellent and he does a terrific job of showing prospective webinar customers how to use the program in his own webinars that he presents on a frequent and regular basis.  

Omar Zenhom – CEO and Master Teacher and Presenter

The good people at Webinar Ninja are currently offering a 14 day free trial to test drive their platform so that you have time to familiarize yourself with their platform and put the software through its paces and determine if you would like to would like to subscribe to a monthly or annual subscription.

Evergreen Webinar Capabilities

The Webinar Ninja platform also has the capability to record webinar presentations and format the presentations in an ongoing evergreen webinar program.  

Easy And Robust Marketing, Reminder and Statistical Tools Included 

In addition to an easy to manage control panel and fast and easy setup, Webinar Ninja also has robust configuration, setup, marketing, email invitation and reminder functionality.

Possibly my favorite aspect of the Webinar Ninja program is that their landing pages and reminder e-mails are thorough, consistent, predictable and dependable.

It would seem like a proverbial no-brainer, but so many platforms have not figured out both the importance of this feature and also the gravity of not being able to provide this feature consistently, uniformly and reliably. Frankly I wish I had a dollar for every reminder e-mail from other platforms that didn’t offer a calendar reminder or that only offered one or two calendar options. Suffice it to say that it is a very big deal. It matters that your reminders and invitations to your webinar attendees are easy to understand and easy for guests to register, process registration confirmations and most importantly quickly and easily set themselves a reminder on their chosen calendar system whether it’s and I-cal, Gmail Calendar or Outlook Calendar system. Can you tell I feel strongly about this feature?

Browser Based

You may be an expert or you may be a novice or beginner when it comes to webinars, webinar presentations and webinar hosting, so I want to re-visit a topic that I also believe gives Webinar Ninja an advantage over some more commonly used platforms, and that is that their platform is browser based. The advantages to having a browser based platform is that;

  • The presenter does not have to download an application to their computer in order to present a webinar.
  • Attendees do not have to download computer applications in order to attend a webinar.
  • Attendees do not have to download applications to their tablets or phones in order to attend or participate in a webinar presentation.

My own experience is that both presenting webinars and attending webinars are easier and have less “technical difficulties” when using browser based webinar platforms.

Webinar Ninja Is Incredibly Fast

On the website, a primary benefit of the tool is that is amazingly fast to set up a webinar.  They have actually set up new webinars from scratch in as little as 10 Seconds!  If you have used other bulky and heavy webinar programs you can appreciate that this is certainly not the norm.  This is a tremendous benefit, because as they say, “Time is MONEY”!

One Page View

If you’re like me and you try to move from sharing screen to chat to Q&A and then back to screen view, you can probably appreciate what it is like to change from one page to another or from one tab to another on your browser as you are trying to present a particular topic.  At Werbinar-Ninja, everything is on a single page.  So if you’re like the millions of other solo-preneurs that don’t have the luxury of a moderator and administrator and you’re presenting solo, you can probably appreciate the huge benefit of having everything on a single page.

Paid Webinars

If you are looking for a webinar software platform that you can charge attendees an admission price, Webinar Ninja has you covered.  Their software easily integrates into a payment processing tool that allows you to charge attendees money in order to gain access to your presentation.

Webinar Ninja is a time tested and robust webinar platform with excellent customer service.  If you would like to give their webinar software a FREE 14 day trial run, click HERE