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Live Webinars

Live WebinarLive Webinars have numerous advantages over recorded webinars.

Live webinars are as the name implies, live.  They are scheduled and occur in real-time.

Some advantages of live webinars;

Webinar Audience Engagement

Attending a live webinar is far more engaging than attending an automated webinar.  Live webinars seem more conversational and interactive.  Introductions and chit-chat in a live webinar is more personal.


Live events seem to create more authenticity.  Recorded webinars are typically edited and pauses, hesitations, technical problems and all around imperfections are audited out.  In a live webinar you get the whole spectrum of good and bad and mistakes and mispronunciations and mis-spellings and it gives a sense of what you see is what you get. WYSIWYG.


Live presentations often take on a direction or a type of unique conversation.  Although a webinar is scripted and a presenter may give the same presentation over and over, live webinars often take on characteristics of their own.  This can come from certain questions posed by an attendee, it could be something like enthusiasm or excitement by a presenter or co-presenter.  It may be related to new or developing information regarding a common topic of conversation or current events.  It could also include how current events are affecting the topic of conversation.


Live events offer a uniqueness that I would contend are more engaging than pre-recorded webinars. I find myself more engaged in a live webinar than when I am in a recorded webinar.  I’m less inclined to get distracted and multi-task with things such as social media, checking e-mail or even walking away during a live presentation.  In recorded webinars, I can usually figure a way to either go back and watch a webinar a second time or simply rewind a pre-recorded video. (Even though I rarely do.)  In addition, I can skip parts of a webinar that do not seem of interest, or I can scan a webinar for points or topics of interest.  In live webinars, my interest and attention has to do with FOMO.  Fomo is the Fear Of Missing Out.  I am afraid that I might miss an important piece of information or a slide or a visual and that I will regret missing something if I am not engaged and participating in the live webinar and if I miss it, it’s gone forever.  In order to not have that happen, I’ll usually stay tuned into live webinars and consequently will be more engaged.


Live interactions seem more personal.  If a presenter is presenting in person and they are visible and in-person during their presentation, it is easier to lower naturally defensive barriers and to also search for commonalities or connections of trust.  Much of this may have to do with answering personalized questions by attendees and the sense of back and forth conversation.  In addition, it seems more personal when presenters ask attendees for personal insights, input and experiences through chat or Q&A, which then can be included in the webinar presentation.

Audience participation can enhance your overall engagement.

In addition, at the beginning of a live presentation, often times a webinar host will ask attendees where they are joining from.  The host may mention a name and location and even add a complimentary comment about a person’s location.  All of these mentions, interactions and personalizing interactions give live webinars an advantage when it comes to connecting with attendees.

Live webcasts have many advantages, namely that they are more personal and have the benefit of addressing questions, concerns or objections that attendees may pose during a live meeting.

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