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Best Software For Webinar

Best Software For Webinar Is No Software At All

What?  How do you have a webinar without software?

You may or may not be aware that there are two camps when it comes to webinars, webinar attendance and webinar presentations.  Camp 1) The use of software.  Camp 2) Webinars through browsers which do not require software to be loaded by presenters or attendees, but rather both presenters and attendees interface through web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Apple Safari or Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.  All of the software that is needed is housed, maintained and updated by the webinar hosting company on their computer servers.

Some webinar companies such as GoToMeeting and some Zoom webinars require attendees download software onto their computers or apps onto their smartphones in order to attend a webinar or present a webinar. If you have attended a webinar with either of these companies or several others, you know what I am talking about.

Other companies such as Webinar Ninja are web based webinar services which don’t require either the presenters or the attendees to download software or apps in order to attend a webinar or to present a webinar.  As mentioned earlier, all of the coding and the programming and functionality are taking place on the hosting companies computer servers.

Personally, I prefer webinar hosting platforms that are browser based and there are a number of reasons for my preference.

  1. Software setup.  Just admit it, its a pain.  Download the software, locate the download, unzip the download, click install and then cross your fingers.  If you’re like me, you hope your computer firewall doesn’t block the download and that the virus scan doesn’t trigger some kind of malicious code detection.  In addition, you hope and pray that the program doesn’t ask you where you want the program stored because if you put in in the wrong folder or wrong location it might not work.
  2. Assuming you successfully download the software and it actually works for you, you’re on the right track.  With any luck there will be a shortcut on your desktop, but there is a chance that you will have to go searching for it.  Now what was the name of the software application?  Is it the name of the company or is the name of the parent company or is it named based on the specific product?  Good Luck!

    Best Software for Webinar
    gotowebinar software
  3. Frustration.  If all goes well thus far, consider yourself fortunate.  Next potential problem is whether your computer has the A.) Computing Power or Microchip processing speed.  B.) Cache – Short Term Memory.  C.) Memory – Storage.  D.) Correct Operating System.  E.) An Operating system that does not need updated or upgraded, and of course F.) Mac or PC?  You may find after you purchase a webinar presentation platform software that you’re unable to actually use it because of one of these conditions.  I see all of these potential potential problems as hurdles.  There may be a chance that you get to this point smoothly, in which case congratulations are in order.
  4. The dreaded updates.  Well along comes and improvement or feature add on and then you go to launch your software and you get the pop-up dialogue box that asks you if you give the webinar company approval to download an update.  You agree and then cross your fingers that all goes smoothly.
  5. If the webinar is being recorded to a presenters computer and especially to their desktop during a presentation, it may put a strain on the computer’s memory and could create processing problems.

Now let’s consider the alternative to managing the software on the computers of the presenters and the attendees.

When you choose to use webinar services that simplify webinars by processing their signals and communications through browsers you completely avoid the need to mess around with software.

The Best
Best Webinar Software

In essence, you login to your webinar account through your web browser and access your account on the webinar hosting company’s computers.  All of your account information such as pre-webinar information like landing pages, e-mail invitations, scheduled events and even in some cases pre-recorded webinars are all stored on the hosting company’s computers.  As for attendees, they access your presentation through their browser and there is no need to download software onto their computers, tablets or smart-phones.  Just think of how you can watch video clips on the internet on websites like Youtube or Vimeo or millions of random websites without downloading software, webinar companies can send their video signal straight to your browser, just like any of these examples.

Now you don’t have to mess around with downloading or maintaining another software program on your computer.

  • No downloads
  • No updates
  • No potential viruses

Even more importantly and probably the #1 reason that I like browser based webinars over software based webinars is that attendees don’t have to hassle with software.  They can quickly, simply and remotely attend a webinar on any device with a browser and not have to download anything.

Imaging you are going to present a sales “livewebinar” presentation to 1200 warm prospects.  Each of those registrants cost you $7 to register.  We already know that only a fraction will be available or actually login to your live webinar.  Lets say that 600 actually show up.  Now there are 600 attendees that have to download software to their computer in order to watch the presentation.  A certain percentage of those people are going to have problems.  Their malware or their firewall is going to block the download.  Some folks are just not knowledgable about downloading software and finding and opening the .exe file.  A certain number of your interested prospects are not going to successfully arrive at your presentation.  Some of those people may want to join your presentation from a work computer and they simply don’t have the permission from the network administrator to download any software onto a company computer.  Suffice it to say, there are some excellent examples as to why browser based webinar platforms are better than webinar platforms that require the presenters and attendees to download computer software or apps onto their devices, tables, computers and notebooks.

A Great Webinar Hosting Company That Is Browser Based

Now that you are wondering; What is the best webinar software?

If you are searching for a top webinar company that has the best webinar software on their computers and that is a top rated webinar hosting company, I would encourage you to take a look at Webinar Ninja.

You may be familiar with their company because they have been in the webinar game for several years and are top rated webinar hosting company.

One of the things that I really like about Webinar Ninja is that they give you a 14 day free trial to demo their program and see if you like it. If for whatever reason you don’t like it, you have no obligation to pay or to continue.

Webinar Ninja
Get a free 14 day trial and take the software for a spin.

Whether you’re considering doing webinars for the first time or whether you’re a seasoned pro, you can appreciate many of the features that Webinar Ninja offers.  Here is a short and partial list of reasons that I feel comfortable recommending them;

  • Intuitive, easy to navigate and layed out in an easy to understand fashion.
  • Easy.  Easy to configure, easy to schedule, easy to present and easy to follow up after your webinar.
  • The ability to record your presentation on their computer – server.
  • Excellent presentation features like a chat area that allow you to direct your questions and comments to presenters or fellow attendees.
  • Excellent support.
  • Experienced and supportive owner, team and organization.
  • The ability to turn a single webinar into an automated recurring everwebinar.
  • Always growing and always staying on the cutting edge of webinar software, intuitive functionality and excellent presenter and attendee features.



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