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Measure What Matters

If you are going to be presenting webinars or if you are a seasoned webinar pro, you may want to read this book.

It really helped me to step back and take an overall and objective view of our company’s digital strategy.  It also caused pause to analyze whether, as the book says, Measuring what matters.

Measure What Matters

Measure What MattersDon’t take my word for it, check out what the reviews have to say.


As a webinar presenter, there are a number of metrics or OKR’s (Objective Key Results) that you really should be tracking.

  • Invitations
  • Invitation Channels
  • E-Mail open rates
  • Click Rates to registration page
  • Presentation Objectives
  • Sign-up’s or registrations on the registration page.
  • Attendance percentage
  • If possible track length of view
  • If sending recordings to attendees and non-attendees, tracking metrics.
  • Post webinar autopsy and analysis.

In addition, OKR’s will include goals tied to time frames.  For example, you will want to set monthly, quarterly and annual goals and track and measure your performance and results.

  • Are your webinars cost-effective?
  • Has it allowed you to reduce costs or increase profitability?
  • Are you moving the sales needle?
  • Is it saving travel and related expenses money?

All great measures of effective webinars.



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